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About IQAC

The College has established an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) to ensure the continuous enhancement and sustenance of quality within the institution. The primary objective of the IQAC is to develop a systematic approach for conscious and consistent improvement in the institution's performance. It comprises representatives from all key stakeholders, including parents, staff, students, and management. The IQAC serves as a central coordinating body, directing efforts and measures towards achieving academic excellence and holding the institution accountable for its quality.

Furthermore, the IQAC is responsible for disseminating information about quality benchmarks and higher education parameters by organizing seminars and workshops. It also maintains systematic documentation of various college activities and prepares an Annual Quality Assurance Report for submission to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

The IQAC, led by the Head of the institution, includes heads of important academic and administrative units, along with select teachers, distinguished educationists, and representatives from the local management and stakeholders. The effective feedback system implemented by the IQAC plays a crucial role in guiding policy-making processes to adapt to changing circumstances and ensuring ongoing quality maintenance within the institution.


  • To develop and maintain benchmarks for the quality parameters of various academic and administrative activities.
  • To plan and execute the quality assurance activities that need to be undertaken during the academic year.
  • To facilitate the process of organizing faculty development programs to enhance the teaching and research skills.
  •  To oversee the adequacy and utilization of infrastructure and advanced learning resources to maintain global standards of education.
  • To analyze the feedback related to various academic and administrative activities and implement the findings for academic excellence.
  • To conduct internal and external quality audits to assess the functioning of different departments and administrative units.
  • To facilitate communication with all stakeholders, including students, parents, alumni, and the recruiters from the industry and academia to ensure transparency and accountability in the overall academic process.
  • To identify and disseminate best practices and institutional distinctiveness in the institution for enhancing its standards.



To improve and sustain the internalized quality of the institution and to act as a catalyst in the upgrading performance of the institution including all stakeholders.


Composition: 2023 - 2024


1 Prof.Dr.Shaju Ouseph Principal, NCAS Chairman
2 Mrs. Daly Sajeev Vice Chairperson, Nirmala Institutions  Member Management Representative 
3 Ms.Suma Menon  H.O.D & Assistant Professor, Dept. of Management IQAC Coordinator
4 Ms. Lekha Vasudevan Academic Coordinator, H.O.D & Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science Senior Faculty Member
5 Mr. Jaisemon Jacob  Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce Senior Faculty Member
6 Dr. Bindu V H.O.D & Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce Senior Faculty Member
7 Ms. Shibi Gopi H.O.D & Assistant Professor, Dept. of Travel & Tourism  Senior Faculty Member
8 Ms. Sindu Francis H.O.D & Assistant Professor, Dept. of Costume & Fashion Designing Senior Faculty Member
9 Mr. Sajan Joshy  Office Superintendent Member
10 Mr. Shahfas K. A Student, (2023-2025) Student Representative
11 Ms. Anjana Lenin Alumni, (2020 -2023) Alumni Representative
12 Mr. Saji Thottan Parent, ( F/o Anjo Thottan, B.Sc. CS, 2022-2025) Nominee from Stakeholders (Parent)
12 Mr. Bibin Raj Ward Member, Meloor Grama Panchayat Nominee from Local Society
13 Mr. Sinjith S ICT Regional Manager, Central  Industrial Expert
14 Mr. Gopikrishnan P.G C.E.O, Grapesgenix Technical Solutions Industrial Expert 
15 Mr.S Gopinath IPS Retd. IG of Police  Well-Wisher


Initiatives of IQAC

  • Faculty Development Programme -  at periodic intervals
  • Women Empowerment Cell
  • Feedback from stakeholders - Students, Alumni,Parents, Employers.
  • Webinar Series - ‘Emerge 2k23’, aiming at enhancing the quality of education.
  • Innovative platforms for students - Mythri, Chai Project, Conversations of Nirmala
  • Seminars and workshops for students
  • Cultural activities for students - DWANIKA ‘23
  • Peer teaching,Hybrid Mode of Teaching and Learning Pedagogy and promotion of experiential learning
  • Skill Development Programmes and Placement drives
  • Mentoring System
  • In -house journal ‘Lexisofia’ for teachers and students
  • Mega Alumni meet - Thirike for Alumnis
  • Webinar on IPR Organized in association with NIPAM for teachers


Minutes of Meeting - IQAC