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English is called an international language and is considered the 2nd language of many countries. Knowledge of English helps us to communicate with the citizens of most of the countries in the globe without any confusion. Communication skills are important to get a job and also to survive in the organization and make them competent in the present scenario. English opens the door for out of the box thinking. Proficiency in the language helps develop talents and skills. Keeping in mind the importance of English and to raise awareness among college students about the significance of English education, Nirmala started UG course in English in the academic year 2015-2016.

BA English
3 Year
Skill Development Courses
IELTS Preparatory | Mass Communication

Our Vision

To envision the department as a centre of excellence, professional expertise, and contextual research in English language studies

Our Mission
  • To train students in communication skills in English
  • To empower students to use the tools of literary scholarship
  • To strengthen their ability to analyze all forms of literary expression
  • To prepare them for challenging careers and higher education

Programme Educational Objectives(PEOs)

  • English studies is an academic discipline that includes the study of literatures written in the Englishlanguage .English linguistics (includingEnglish phonetics, phonology, syntax, morphology, semantics, pragmatics, corpuslinguisticsand stylistics),andEnglish sociolinguistics(including discourse analysis of written and spoken texts in the English language, the history of the English language, English language learning and teaching, and the study of World English).
  • English studies explore the production of and analysis of texts created in English or in areas of the world in which English is a common mode of communication. It is common for academic departments of "English" or "English Studies" to include scholars of the English language, literature (including literarycriticism and literarytheory), linguistics, , journalism, composition studies, the philosophy of language, literacy, publishing/history of the book, communication studies, technical communication and creative writing.
  • In the past an academic degree in English usually meant an intensive study of British and American literary masterpieces. Now, however, an English Major encompasses a much broader range of topics which stretch over multiple disciplines. While the requirements for an English Major vary from university to university, most English departments emphasize three core skills: analyzing literature, a process which requires logic and reflective analysis; creativity and imagination with regard to the production of good writing; and an understanding of different cultures, civilizations, and literary styles from various time periods. Prospective English Majors can expect to take college courses in academic writing, creative writing, literary theory, British and American literature, multicultural literature, several literary genres (such as poetry, drama, and film studies), and a number of elective multidisciplinary topics such as history, courses in the social sciences, and studies in a foreign language. To the end of studying these disciplines, candidates for a Major in English attain skills in rhetoric, literary analysis, an appreciation for the diversity of cultures, and an ability to clearly and persuasively express their ideas in writing.

BA English

  • Pass in Plus Two or any other equivalent Examination.
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